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Beauty Inside the womb our skin develops inside our mother and exists in a protected environment as nature intended. We’re protected in our little bubbles, fed and nourished and exposed to nothing but a dull orange light and the muffled sounds of nests being feathered. Then pop! We’re thrown out into a totally different world. One of the most obvious things is the softness, perfectness and speed of healing of the baby’s skin. The term "as soft as a baby’s bottom" makes perfect sense when you consider these beginnings. But sadly, the moment of birth signals the end of our protection from the environment around us. The skin has so much to deal with as it’s our first line of defence from the atmosphere, and bears the brunt of it. That’s not to say, of course, that keeping baby-style skin all our lives would necessarily be a solution to everything. Our skin needs to develop resilience to cope with the cuts, scratches and knocks we have to get used to as we grow older. And let’s face it, most men would prefer a lived-in look to a baby face, so perhaps there’s an ideal age we aspire to when it comes to having the skin we desire. We are all used to protecting ourselves from the sun nowadays, probably more than our parents and grandparents were. Cultures that have traditionally protected themselves from strong sunshine, such as Middle Eastern and South East Asian communities, have protected themselves because they had to not purely for aesthetic reasons, but the effect is similar. And since we have started destroying the ozone layer, we have taken anti-UV skin care more seriously, both for cosmetic purposes and for health concerns. Protecting ourselves from direct sunlight, either by staying indoors or out of direct exposure, covering up or using sun creams and sprays for protection is now practised by most people, and anti-UV ingredients are commonly found in everyday moisturisers. It’s not just sunshine that can cause issues for our delicate skin. The atmospheres we live in are a challenge too. We’ve all viewed pictures of miners emerging from their pits, their faces covered in black coal dust. Although that is obviously an extreme example, simply living in the city or even next to a busy road has the same effect, over a much larger time scale. Those trucks, cars and buses that go zooming along, the factories on the outskirts of the city, the planes up in the sky and the power stations or manufacturing plants they all produce particle emissions and other impurities which will fly around until they meet something to land on, be it a plant or building or human beings. But unfortunately we can’t be sand-blasted. One way we can help is to keep a barrier between ourselves and the urban environment. There are plentys of barrier creams on the market, but many of the best, such as City Protect spf 50 by Matis, are designed specifically for those who face these urban challenges. And since the majority of us live, work and entertain ourselves among the hustle and bustle, it’s well worth taking steps to protect ourselves from its dirty side. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: