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Zheng Baowei: academic pursuit into the road of National Rejuvenation — Theory – people.com.cn original title: academic pursuit into the road of national rejuvenation (scholar style) from news dreamer to experts on Marx’s news thought, is committed to the construction of socialist journalism in China to Chinese first to carry out the communication research of climate change…… Renmin University of China School of journalism professor Zheng Baowei Review News dream course for more than half a century said, when his personal academic pursuits with the Chinese people to achieve national prosperity and rejuvenation, the well-being of the people, and human development in the pursuit of ideals, will feel their personal dreams become more practical, thick and weight! Persistent pursuit to help hundreds of thousands of students on the news of the road into the summer, usually lively Renmin University of China seems quiet. When I came to the school of journalism, Zheng Baowei already browse academic information of the computer in the office before the. In more than two hours of the interview, his language is concise and neat, speak steady and gentle conversation, almost make people forget he is one over seventy years old. 1961, 16 year old Zheng Baowei graduated from junior high school. He in the senior high school entrance examination composition "my ideal" wrote, "I want to be a journalist zounanchuangbei speak to the people". 3 years after graduating from high school, he was admitted to the first volunteer for the Journalism Department of Renmin University of China, began the course of 50 years of dream news. However, the dream of the road is not easy. Because of the "Cultural Revolution" and other reasons, graduating in 1970, Zheng Baowei was assigned to the Liaoning Dalian middle school teacher, working is eight years. Out of the sense of responsibility for the students and parents, he has been working hard, welcomed by the students, but also became a vice president of the school, but the news of the dream in his heart has not been extinguished for a moment. In 1978, Zheng Baowei had the honor to become the National People’s Congress after the resumption of school recruit 108 graduate students in the first one, under the tutelage of scholar Gan xifen. After the end of graduate study, Zheng Baowei chose to stay in the University engaged in journalism and academic research. He has been in the International Political College (later renamed the Chinese people’s police officer University) Department of Journalism and Chinese journalism school. In spite of the school of Journalism and start-up due to various reasons such as closed predicament, Zheng Baowei still does not change in the news teaching and academic research intention. In 2002, 57 year old Zheng Baowei as "talent introduction" third times to enter the National People’s Congress, appointed director of Ministry of education, national key research base of Renmin University of China journalism and social development research center, a national news high academic research. Zheng Baowei was now students everywhere, reminiscent of the occupation choice, he said with emotion, "I sincerely thank the teacher Gan Xifen is his help, I chose this to embrace the world of excellence and education of teachers’ occupation, not only to fulfill my personal news dream, and can help thousands of hearts dream news the students set foot on the road of news". The construction characteristics China firm belief theory system of socialist journalism graduate, Zheng Baowei’s research is "Marx Engels news theory and practice". "Sweet teacher for me.相关的主题文章: