Zhoushan missing corpse was discovered in Fujian Yuesao suspected families to identify the body pgd-426

Zhoushan missing corpse was discovered in Fujian Yuesao suspected families will go to the body in mid August of this year, nanny Aman Chang suddenly disappeared in Zhoushan Putuo Lujiazhi area. Today (November 8th) morning at about 10, the daughter of Aman Chang to the infinite Zhoushan reporter called yesterday afternoon, said she received a Zhoushan Tang forensic telephone, said that her mother’s body was found, in Fujian, let the families of past collar bodies. According to Aman Chang’s daughter, said the body was found in September 11th in Fujian, Zhoushan forensic DNA database comparison, the basic confirmation is missing her mother in Zhoushan. The reporter then contacted the Putuo Public Security Bureau Tang forensic, he said, "in September 11th, Fujian police found a corpse in the sea, and later through the DNA database, and found the missing Aman Chang information can match, they quickly contacted the families." As for whether the body is identified as Zhoushan missing nanny Aman Chang, Tang forensic said, this also requires the family to Fujian, the further review of the DNA, in order to determine." Unlimited Zhoushan will further focus on the progress of events. News review: August 17th 9 p.m. 5 minutes or so, Mr. Chen’s wife Aman Chang in Shenjiamen Lujiazhi Silver billion serene District Court (check monitoring that), lost 43 years old, Anhui Fuyang people, do not speak the Zhoushan dialect, the spirit of the normal, wearing a white T-shirt lost, wearing white pants. It is understood that Mr. Chen and his wife Aman Chang are foreigners working in Zhoushan, Aman Chang is a domestic company Yuesao, according to domestic company responsible person Mr. Wang said that night about half past nine, he received a Lujiazhi client on the phone, said that the company sent to the customer’s home, 9 points on the night about to leave after they lost contact, "mobile phone no, no bank card, what things are not, in the original service clothes, wearing slippers to go out." Aman Chang to work in the company for more than a year, was sent to lugushi customers at home more than three days, 24 hours in the customer’s home yuesao. Aman Chang lost contact, Mr. Wang to her husband Mr. Chen made a phone call, that Aman Chang did not go home. The family from the late August 17th 9 began, has been looking for in the vicinity of Lujiazhi Island, because the site is now, more students from the road, weed tracing is not easy, has been to more than four in the morning no news. According to them, Aman Chang has been in good health, but at the beginning of this year because of the death of their loved ones at home, there was a wave of emotion, in mid June and began to work. According to the video monitoring and recording, Aman Chang had towards Lujiazhi tunnel area.相关的主题文章: